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GovtPortal is an electronic payment provider that works exclusively with County and City Governments. In fact, we work with well over 1,000 cities and counties throughout the United States. We have established relationships with other third-party software providers to enhance collections’ overall efficiency through our clients.

Whether you provide case management, tax, utility, or recreation software, we can integrate payments to enhance your clients’ experience. We have eliminated timely tasks for clients through our integrations and enable city/county departments to accept payments online without updating their management software manually.

The Govt Portal Integrated Payments Program provides complete technical services and resources to build simple, secure, and scalable payment solutions into your POS applications.  It provides pre and post-integration support, sample code, documentation, high industry expertise, and a peer network that understands the challenges you face daily.

Unlike other payment processors that only provide limited support, Govt Portal offers direct, personalized guidance throughout the integration process and ongoing support for the relationship’s life. By engaging with Govt Portal, you get customized integration implementation methods based on your desired parameters. With unmatched personalized, custom support, Govt Portal makes integrating payments faster and easier.

  • Enhanced Features to your software
  • No Cost Solution to your customers
  • Robust revenue share to your organization all mutual customers
  • Added Payment option means more time spent in your software solution, strengthening brand recognition
  • EMV-ready hardware provided

If you would like to learn more about integrating with us, please contact us at

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Integrate Payments For Any Department

When it comes to accepting payments, the task of reconciling and manually updating your management software can be tiresome. At Govt Portal, we can eliminate the task of manual data entry and give your residents the ability to make payments online at no cost to the municipality.

This not only saves time but it increases cash flow and reduces human errors. With an integrated payment solution, you can eliminate the risk of a resident entering an incorrect citation or bill number. It also automates payment acceptance and allows municipalities to accept payments inside their existing management software.

Some other benefits of integrating payments include:

  • The ability to make payments online
  • Payments auto-post into preferred management software
  • Auto-billing notifications.

If you would like to learn more about how we can integrate your current software, feel free to call us at 877-994-6889 or email us at