Integrated Payment Portal

Our customizable payment portal allows merchants to accept payments face to face or online with robust features like enhanced reporting, recurring billing, QR code access, bill reminder notifications and chip enabled payments. User controls can be tailored to ensure your team members have access to only necessary departments and reports, which works to reduce user error. Whether it is for municipal court, property tax, or utilities, we have solutions tailored for every department. Govt Portal provides the following payment solutions for every city/county department.

Face to Face Payments

  • Accept payments at any counter, desk, or kiosk when a resident comes in.
  • EMV chip card acceptance for secure card present transactions.

Web Payments

  • Ability to accept payments for various departments via government websites.
  • Residents can access their bill with their citation/account number and easily make a payment.
  • Set up within 3-6 business days

Auto Payments

  • Set up recurring payments for payment plans, monthly charges,etc.
  • Set different payment arrangements for different accounts/cases.
  • Increase the efficiency of your collections, and collect payments faster.

Phone Payments

  •  Residents can call a 24/7 automated phone line to make a payment at any time.
  • Phone payments auto-post to your preferred management software.
  • No longer accept sensitive card data over the phone when residents call the office.

Partial Payments

  • Give residents the option to accept payments in installments
  • Set permissions for certain cases that you allow partial payments
GovtPortal Kiosk


Health and safety is a top priority of our government merchants, and as such we have developed easy to use self-service kiosks to offer a way to accept payments with minimal contact. Our kiosks allow any government department to help manage the customer experience by providing a self-service method for interaction.

Through this touch screen, small footprint solution, any resident can come in and process their own payment for any department assigned to the kiosk.

Residents can also check-in for renewals, court dockets, and registrations at the kiosk with our LobbyQ feature.

Some other benefits of having a self-service kiosk include:

  • Safer resident and employee interaction
  • Serve more residents
  • Increase cash flow
  • Quicker Service

Lobby Q

Lobby Q was created during the pandemic to provide government agencies with a safer, and more efficient way to manage the lobby, and accept payments safely. Our LobbyQ management system provides an interactive waiting list paired with SMS messaging that works to reduce in-office traffic and allow your clerks to attend to each customer individually when ready.

LobbyQ includes:

  • Detailed waiting list reporting for Clerks
  • Customizable contactless clerk and resident interface
  • SMS messages to inform residents when ready to meet and where
  • Lawyer and defendant Check-In
govt portal voice portal

Voice Portal

Our voice portal option ensures cardholders without internet access can make their payments with ease.

  • Residents can call a 24/7 automated phone line to make a payment at any time.
  • Phone payments auto-post to your preferred management software.
  • No longer accept sensitive card data over the phone when residents call the office.
GovtPortal InstaBill


With InstaBill you can enhance the overall efficiency of your collections, and take away the burden of handling sensitive card data over the phone. The clerk can generate a link that can be sent via email or text message that allows the resident to pay their bill/citation.

Whether it’s a partial payment or a full payment, the transaction will auto-post to the resident’s account, and the balance will be updated inside of your management software.

govt-portal emv


EMV payment solutions enable you to process chip cards for greater security and compliance with card brand regulations. This kind of chip technology adds layers of security against fraud and is virtually impossible to duplicate.

How EMV benefits Government Agencies

  • Reduce Fraud–State of the art EMV technology makes it difficult for fraudsters to steal credit card data.
  • Protect your Residents–Give your residents confidence by providing a safe and secure environment for them to make payments.
  • Eliminate and Avoid Liability Costs–Investing in EMV technology now will save you money in the long run, and you never have to put your hard earned dollars at risk.